Monday, October 1, 2012

Commercials - 2007

I am going to show you two commercials, which I did in 2007. One was for Ceska Sporitelna, and other one for Mobile Operator. Ceska Sporitelna was just about painting a walls all over the streets in the red hats, and Mobile operator was just about sitting at the meeting in the office. I also did other two commercials for Beer Labatt (no photos)
 Actors on set
 We are waiting for "action" :)
 Having fun
and Action....

La Dame D'Izieu

1 night shooting in the forest. I was sitting next to the driver till the truck blow up.
 I am dead :)
 Waiting for call....
Where is my food? :)

The Red Baron - 2007

This was my best filming ever! I spent 21 days at various scenes. This was a huge fun.
I was mechanic, then guy who was hospitalized after heavy attack and pilot.
 On set at night
 We had about 10 airplanes on set
 Fixing radio
 Waiting on set
 Just posing
 On set
 Close view
 Just fun
 On set
 I am the guy smoking in the back
 I am checking airplane
  I am checking airplane 2
I am hurt on the bed
I am fixing airplane on the left

Casino Royale + Narnia: Prince Caspian

Casino Royale - 2006
1 night of filming as a extra. Scene was taken in the Czech airport "Ruzyne". It wasn't worth at all, because I lived 70km away and They set it for midnight. I didn't take any evidence (no photos).

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 2007
1 night, at 4am and half naked because I got a role of Centaur. It was very cold outside and not worth it at all. I think I got a cold that time :) No photos.

Action Girls - 2006

This was basically Stunt job for couple days. It wasn't fun, because I couldn't walk for 2 following weeks. So sore! I was a Zombie who was chasing and eating other people :)
 Just fun
Showing a bad face
Big fat green guy was eaten by me :)
Here is a short video...of me :)

La vie en rose - 2006

This filming was fun. We spent most of the time at the famous large Theater "Lucerna". We have seen Edith Piaf (Marion Cotillard) singing well, singing badly and falling on the ground (as old character).
I was sitting in audience, I was bringing flowers to her and 
I was one of the fans watching boxing match. During a pause Marion was knitting :)
 I am the guy sitting at lower left corner looking at the girl next to him.
 I am walking with flowers far in back.
 I am the guy in dark coat with a hat on the right.
 Same guy, who is whistling now :)
Right in the middle. You can see back side of my head :)

The Omen - 2005

I spent only 1 day with filming The Omen. I was just a guess walking on stairs, but my wife got lucky and she was standing close to the lead character. (long hair)

Hannibal Rising 2005

Hannibal rising was filming in the winter of 2005 in the Czech Republic. I had couple roles such as SS Nacist (live/dead) sitting next to SS Major (Timothy Walker), who has been killed by Vladis Grutas (Rhys Ifans). I talked to Timothy a few times during filming and he is director at theater in England. I also talked to Gaspard Ulliel, he was 16 years old that time, We had a fun.
Here is several images I took during my 7 days of filming, enjoy:
 SS fun
 Guten Tag
 I supposed to be a teacher in the movie, but I was too big.
 Teacher's costume
 ok, lets do it
 Russian soldier
 One of the victims
 Dead SS
 Right to the head
 I am one of the four in the back
I am on the right side behind the driver
I am walking behind the Inspector as "bodyguard"